There Is No Need To Buy These Six Kinds Of Home Furniture In The Family, Which Covers A Large Area And Is Not Practical

Buying Home Furniture is also a kind of knowledge. Many of them just look good and have powerful functions, but when they buy home, they find that many functions can’t be used at all at ordinary times, which is superfluous and a complete waste of money.

Let’s take an inventory of which Home Furniture should be purchased carefully.

1. Tatami

Because of its high storage capacity and full use of space, it can be called the “savior” of small house type.

But most of the people who have used it regret it and feel that they have too many shortcomings. First of all, the air permeability is poor, especially in the humid areas in the south, which is easy to return to moisture, mildew and even insects.

Secondly, it’s inconvenient to take things. Every time I have to lift the mat to take things, I suddenly have the idea of giving up taking things. In addition, the only drawer that can be used is the drawer at the edge of the platform, which is limited by hardware. The maximum depth can only be 60 cm. 

In addition, the bookcase connected with tatami is full of sanitary dead corners, which is also very difficult to clean up. Therefore, we must choose carefully.

2. Open wine cabinet

Wine cabinet is an essential decoration for petty bourgeoisie families. It can be said that it is one of the “standard” furniture of guest restaurant.

However, the “fatal” problem of the wine cabinet is that the ash accumulation ability is too strong, and the cleaning burden is really large. It is full of dust without wiping in a day. Especially with a small grid, there is no way to clean the gap inside. Wiping the dust can make you doubt your life. Therefore, people who don’t drink often really don’t need to invest.

3. Hanging chair

The hanging chair has a high appearance. I want to find a sunny weekend, sit up and read books, listen to songs, take photos, and live a very comfortable life.

But in fact, it looks beautiful, but it’s really chicken ribs. First of all, this thing takes up too much space and is not used as frequently as you think. Because sitting is uncomfortable and can shake. Sitting for a long time is not good for the spine.

In addition, most of the hanging chairs are made of rattan, and the gaps are full of dust. It’s too cumbersome to clean. After a long time, it will be idle, and it will probably become a place for you to stack clothes.

4. Lazy sofa

Lazy sofa is believed to be a piece of furniture that every lazy cancer patient wants to own, but don’t be misled by the name.

In fact, it is more than cute and lacks support. If you want to lie on it, play with your mobile phone and read books, I will lose if you can hold on for an hour without getting tired.

Moreover, the lazy sofa is too low, and it is especially difficult to get up. Even have to help the ground to get up, the posture is very ugly. In addition, it is not in line with human mechanics, sedentary will also hurt the spine.

In addition, because it is usually stacked on the ground, it is easy to get dirty and troublesome to change and wash. Therefore, it is well deserved to say that it is a chicken rib Home Furniture.

5. Living room carpet

Laying a carpet under the tea table can really improve the appearance of the living room, which can also be said to be a sharp tool to create a sense of delicacy. Carpets can also bring comfort, especially when you step on them with bare feet.

However, its biggest disadvantage is that it is not easy to take care of. You need to buy a special vacuum cleaner to clean and remove mites regularly. Especially if you have a baby in your family, you are advised to enter carefully.

Carpet has a strong ability to hide dirt. It’s not too much to compare it to the base camp of bacteria and mites in the family. Therefore, children’s skin is more sensitive, and the unclean carpet is easy to cause illness or allergy.

In addition, families with pets should also be careful to enter the carpet, because it is difficult to clean the hair even with a vacuum cleaner.

6. Deformed furniture

In recent years, you will see some popular videos on the Internet. The furniture inside is cool. The wardrobe turns into a bed, and the tea table can turn into a dining table. I advise you not to be planted with grass.

This kind of deformed furniture is purely typical. The poor can’t afford it and the rich don’t need it. For example, folding sofa bed, thinking of being a sofa during the day and a bed at night, one thing can be used for many purposes. But in fact, we have to move around every time. It’s better to buy a comfortable sofa and sleep on it directly.

There is also the kind of folding Dining Table. It’s very troublesome to put things away every time it deforms. Moreover, after a long time, the gap is full of ash, and it is easy to break if there are many deformation times. It can only be said that it is expensive and redundant.

Therefore, you should be careful to buy home decoration and multi-functional deformation furniture. You can’t change for it at high frequency in life.

In short, I advise you not to buy a lot of unnecessary Home Furniture for the sake of a whim, which will not be used at all at ordinary times. It will not only be stained with dust but also hinder things.

Post time: Apr-15-2022